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2000 Journal Papers

  1. Q. Chen, D.-J. Yao, C.-J. Kim, and G. P. Carman, “Investigating the Influence of Fabrication Process and Crystal Orientation on Shear Strength of Silicon Microcomponents”, Journal of Material Science, Vol. 35, No. 21, November 2000, pp. 5465-5474.
  2. J. Lee and C.-J. Kim, “Surface-Tension-Driven Microactuation Based on Continuous Electrowetting”, J. Microelectromechanical Systems, Vol. 9, No. 2, June 2000, pp. 171-180.
  3. T. Yi, L. Li, and C.-J. Kim, "Microscale Material Testing of Single Crystalline Silicon: Process Effects on Surface Morphology and Tensile Strength", Sensors and Actuators, Vol. 83, May 2000, pp. 172-178.

2000 Conference Papers

  1. J.-A. Paik, N. Kitazawa, S.-K. Fan, C.-J. Kim, M. C. Wu, and B. Dunn, "Preparation of Mesoporous Oxides for MEMS Structures", Proc. Materials Research Society Symp., Vol. 657, Boston, MA, Nov.-Dec. 2000, pp. EE7.3.1-EE7.3.6.
  2. L. Latorre, J. Kim, P. Nouet, C.-J. Kim, “Electrostatic Actuation of Microscale Liquid Metal Droplets: Analysis, Experiment, and FEM Simulation”, Proc. MEMS-Vol. 2, ASME Int. Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, Orlando, FL, Nov. 2000, pp. 105-110.
  3. D.-J. Yao, G. Chen, and C.J. Kim, “Design of Thin-Film Thermoelectric Microcoolers”, HTD Vol. 366-2, ASME Int. Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, Orlando, FL, Nov. 2000, pp. 345-351.
  4. C.-J. Kim, “Microfluidics Using the Surface Tension Force in Microscale”, SPIE Symp. Micromachining and Microfabrication, Vol. 4177, Santa Clara, CA, Sept. 2000, pp. 49-55. (Invited paper)
  5. L. Li, T. Yi, and C.-J. Kim, "Effect of Mask-to-Crystal Direction Misalignment on Fracture Strength of Silicon Microbeam", Proc. Microscale Systems: Mechanics and Measurements Symp., Society for Experimental Mechanics, IX International Congress, Orlando, FL, June, 2000, pp. 36-40.